Back Row: Cordon DeKock; JL Bentley; Tamara Spooner; Jed Ford, DVM; Michael Joyner, DVM; Jesse Brandon, DVM; Trisha Marullo, DVM; Ben Buchanan, DVM; Melanie Talley, Mark Shackelford, DVM

Front Row: Mike Schoonover, DVM; Natalie McDonald, DVM; T. Murt Byrne, DVM; Christie McHughes, DVM; Chris France, DVM

Not Pictured: Troy Alexander; Christopher Blake Hackler, DVM; Daniel Levenson, DVM; Gayle Millard, DVM; Maggie Milligan; Kevin Walter

The Board of Managers is comprised of two representatives from each partner state VMAs.
The SWVS Board of Managers meeting is held during the SWVS where each year new officers are inducted for a term of one to three years.

Natalie McDonald, DVM
Past President 
ARVMA Representative

T. Murt Byrne, DVM
NMVMA Representative

Mark Shackelford, DVM
Vice President 
OVMA Representative

Christie McHughes, DVM
LVMA Representative

Trisha Marullo, DVM
CE Committee Chair

Mike Schoonover, DVM
OVMA Representative

Ben Buchanan, DVM
TVMA Representative

Daniel Levenson, DVM
NMVMA Representative

Michael Joyner, DVM
TVMA Representative

Jesse Brandon, DVM
LVMA Representative

Chris France, DVM
ARVMA Representative

Gayle Millard, DVM
Industry Representative - Boehringer Ingelheim

JL Bentley
Industry Representative - Zoetis

Kevin Walter
Industry Representative -
i3 Merchant Solutions

Maggie Milligan
ARVMA Executive Director

Melanie Talley, CAE
LVMA Executive Director

Tamara Spooner
NMVMA Executive Director

Cordon DeKock
OVMA Executive Director

Troy Alexander
TVMA Executive Director

Christopher Blake Hackler, DVM
Industry Representative-IDEXX


Back Row: Rosslyn Biggs, DVM; Jon Fletcher, DVM; Paula Plummer, LVT; Jodi Michaelson, CVPM; Mike Beard, DVM; Joe Pluhar, DVM; Amanda Favis, DVM; Stephen Pittenger, DVM; Debbie Reed, RVT; Anna Chapman, DVM; Chance Armstrong, DVM

Front Row: Alice Blue-McLendon, DVM; Pam Delahoussaye, DVM; Trisha Marullo, DVM; Kellie Wheat Turnage, CVPM; Christen Puckett-Smith, RVT

Not Pictured: Rob Coke, DVM; Shannan Hall-Ursone, DVM; Pamela Mitchell, DVM; Rachel Ramesar, DVM; Katie Tyler, DVM; Kevin Washburn, DVM

The SWVS Continuing Education Committee is a standing committee of SWVS. It is composed of representatives from each partner state VMAs. CE members are assigned to one specialty track and are responsible for planning the speakers and sessions in their track.

Trisha Marullo, DVM
CE Committee Chair 
Companion Animal 

Paula Plummer, LVT
CE Committee Vice Chair 
Veterinary Technician/Assistant

Chance Armstrong, DVM
Food Animal

Mike Beard, DVM
Companion Animal

Rosslyn Biggs, DVM
Food Animal

Alice Blue-McLendon, DVM

Ann Chapman, DVM

Rob Coke, DVM

Pam Delahoussaye, DVM
Professional Development/Wellness

Amanda Favis, DVM
Companion Animal

Jon Fletcher, DVM
Companion Animal

Rachel Ramesar, DVM
Integrative Medicine

Jodi Michaelson, BS, CVPM
Practice Management/Office Personnel

Pamela Mitchell, DVM
Companion Animal

Stephen Pittenger, DVM
Technology/Master Classes

Joe Pluhar, DVM

Christen Puckett-Smith, RVT
Lab Manager

Debbie Reed, RVT
Lab Manager

Katie Tyler, DVM
Companion Animal

Kevin Washburn, DVM
Interactive Labs

Kellie Turnage, CVPM
Practice Management/Office Personnel

Shannan Hall-Ursone, DVM
Biomedical Research