• Hotels are screened and chosen for convenience in a range of prices and amenities.
  • Hotels are across the street or within a few blocks of the convention center.
  • Reservations can be made easily using the SWVS Housing Center online.
  • Using SWVS Official Hotels keeps your registration costs to a minimum.

Staying at SWVS Official Hotels offers great networking opportunities to meet colleagues and make new friends. Housing deadline for SWVS Official Hotels is September 1, 2023. All housing requests must be received on or before September 1, otherwise the negotiated room rates may not be available.

Although all of the SWVS Official hotels are within walking distance of the convention center, there is the 301 Bus that takes you to each hotel and the convention center.  Please see the 301 Bus Route map and rates here VIVA Routes

Hotel parking fees for guests vary at each hotel and some of the hotel parking garages are unable to fit larger trucks. Listed below are the entrance dimensions for each hotel parking garage so you will know if your vehicle will fit into the garage.