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Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is the annual Symposium?
SWVS will be held in San Antonio, Texas, September 20-23, 2018, at the Henry B. González Convention Center.

Henry B. González Convention Center
900 E. Market Street
San Antonio, TX 78205

The continuing education program begins the afternoon of Thursday, September 20th, and runs through Sunday afternoon.


How many CE hours are offered at the Symposium?
A maximum of 30 CE credit hours are available for the SWVS General Symposium. Additional credit hours are available as listed below. In addition, DVMs licensed in Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma or Texas may claim 2 hours of CE for visiting the SWVS Exhibit Hall. Please check with your state veterinary medical licensing board for specific CE allowances and requirements. It is the individual’s responsibility to maintain and submit CE records as required. Attendees are encouraged to consult their state licensing board for specific allowances and any restrictions on the number of hours accepted for specialty and nonscience sessions (practice management).


Who can attend the Symposium?
DVMs, veterinary technicians, hospital personnel, veterinary and technician students, practice managers, office staff, farriers and suppliers that provide products and services that support veterinary medicine are welcome at SWVS. Photo ID is required.


What are the Symposium registration fees?
2018 Registration Fees:

Jan 31 - Jul 18
Jul 19 - Aug 31
Sept 1 - Sept 23
DVM: Full Registration $470 $520 $570
DVM: One Day $240 $265 $290
DVM + 3 Staff: Partner Power Package  $870 $970 $1,070
DVM: Intern, Resident, First-Year $235 $260 $285
Technicians, Office Staff, Practice Managers: Full Registration $200 $225 $250
Technicians, Office Staff, Practice Managers: One Day (Friday,
Saturday or Sunday)
$150 $175 $200
Students  $45 $50 $55
Design Conference: Thursday Only  $150 $165 $175
Design Conference: Friday Only  $150 $165 $175
Design Conference: Thursday & Friday  $265 $275 $285

What is included in my Registration Fees?
Complete 4-day registration includes access to the following: all lectures (with the exception of Interactive Labs/Master Classes/CE Tours/Meet the Expert Lunches and the Design Conference); Exhibit Hall; Exhibit Hall Opening Reception; Exhibit Hall Refreshment Breaks; Buffet Lunch on Friday and Saturday in the Exhibit Hall; complimentary Coffee & Muffins (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday); and the Exhibitor Satellite Sessions.

Does SWVS offer a job fair?
This year we will be hosting the first ever SWVS Job Fair on Thursday, September 20th from 2:00-5:00PM.
The low cost to participate is $100 and includes one table with two chairs to conduct interviews from.



Registration for the Partner Power Package (POP)
We have made registration for the Partner Power Package (which includes one DVM plus three technicians and/or office personnel) easy so that all included in this package may register at once with a single form of payment. The DVM will complete a his/her registration with a single form of payment and then be instructed to add the three additional attendees at one time to complete the Partner Power Package (POP).

You may choose to register the additional attendees at a later date; and, if so, make sure you copy the PC code because you will need to enter it when you come back at a later date to register your additional personnel. The code will need to be entered at the top of the second page.


Can I register multiple attendees at the same time?
Yes, each attendee must register separately. However you can enter one attendee and then click the button that says add Additional Attendees at the bottom of the checkout page. You will have to go through the entire registration process for the new attendee, but once all attendees have been added you can enter in the credit card and check out all at once.


Can I attend ticketed events only?
Master Classes, the CE Tours and the Meet the Expert Lunches, you must be registered for SWVS 2018 (complete or one-day) to attend these ticketed CE offerings; with the exception of the Design Conference. An additional fee is required. Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until the maximum capacity is reached.


How do I register for ticketed events?
Each ticketed event can be selected or entered into the registration form individually. Advance registration is required for ticketed events. What are some of the ticketed events? Ticketed events include Interactive Labs, Master Classes, CE Tours, Meet the Expert Lunches and the Design Conference. You can find more details about them here.

If you have already registered, you can add any ticketed event to your account by logging into the attendee service center here. Your login and password can be found on your confirmation email.


Can I create a personalized itinerary?
Yes! Log into the Attendee Service Center to edit your itinerary.


This is my first time at SWVS is there an orientation?
Yes, there are two orientations. One on Thursday, September 20th from 3:00-4:00pm or Friday, September 21st 7:00-8:00am which will be hosted by our Board of Managers. Network with other first-time attendees and enjoy complimentary food and drinks while learning how to get the most out of our Symposium.


Are Symposium Proceedings available?

  • A LINK to the online proceedings will be sent to all registered attendees in September and will be available on the mobile app.
  • All proceedings will be available on Veterinary Information Network (VIN).

What is your cancelation policy?
Cancelation of Registration must be made in writing via email to info@swvs.org by August 31st. Cancelations cannot be made over the phone. A $50 handling fee will be charged to cover administrative costs. There are NO REFUNDS after AUGUST 31st - NO EXCEPTIONS.
Cancelation of Ticketed Events must be made in writing via email to info@swvs.org by August 9th. Cancelations cannot be made over the phone. There are NO REFUNDS after AUGUST 9th - NO EXCEPTIONS.


How do I make changes to my registration?
If you need to make changes to your registration just login to the attendee service center here. Your login and password can be found on your confirmation email. You can add any ticketed event or update your email or contact information.


Can I purchase guest name badges for family and friends?
All guests include family members or guests who are not veterinarians, veterinary technicians, office staff, or practice managers. All veterinarians, veterinary technicians, office staff or practice managers must register and pay registration fees. Additional guest badges are available for $40. This allows guests to attend non CE events, exhibits, and non-ticketed events. Guests are welcome to attend ticketed events (such as yoga or the Alamo Tour) with the purchase of a ticket for those events. Guests who wish to attend CE sessions must register and pay.


Can I deduct the costs of attending SWVS?
Registration fees are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. However, such contributions and fees may be deductible by attendees under other provisions of the IRS code. Please check with your financial advisor.


Do you sell my contact information?
No! SWVS WILL NOT sell your personal information to a third party. We do provide your mailing address only to all exhibitors. Your email and phone numbers are never given to exhibitors unless you provide those to them through Lead Retrieval permission onsite in their booth. 

DVM 1,534 1,473 1,609 1,628 1,657 1,517
TECHNICIANS 746 733 720 641 555 606
DESIGN CONFERENCE 62 29 47 38 38 37
OFFICE STAFF & PRACTICE MANAGERS 236 248 281 229 227 234
STUDENTS 97 135 162 174 130 108
TOTAL NUMBERS 2,675 2,618 2,819 2,710 2,607 2,502

Why do you need my email address if I register via mail or fax?
For efficiency purposes, our preferred method of sending confirmations and important information is by email. If you do not have an email address, don't worry, we can send a confirmation in the mail. Please allow 6 days to receive your mailed confirmation. If you are considering an Interactive Lab or any other CE ticketed event with limited space you may want to register online. With manual processing of forms through the mail or fax there is a chance you may not get your first selections.


How do I keep track of my CE to submit to my state veterinary medical licensing board?
A CE Checklist will be provided to each attendee in their bag, the attendee service center and through the mobile app for recording session attendance. This form is for you to keep and/or send to your state licensing board.


How do I receive my CE certificate?
At the end of the Symposium, stop by the CE desk in the registration area to obtain your Certificate of Completion. Maintain the certificate along with the CE Checklist in your files. Certificates will be available on Sunday at the close of the Symposium. If you do not plan to attend the entire Symposium, you may pick up your certificate at the end of the day you leave.

If you forgot to pick up your CE Certificate at the Symposium, you will be able to access it by logging into the Attendee Service Center starting Sept. 24th or email michelle@swvs.org to request to have one sent to you.


How do I sign-up to be a Room Moderator?
We are recruiting 2018 SWVS Registered Attendees to serve as room moderators. Moderators are asked to sign up for at least two sessions (8am-12:20pm; 2pm-5:20pm;7pm-9:50pm) Compensation provided. 

Please review program sessions and then provide your choice of sessions you are willing to moderate by signing into the attendee service center and then clicking the Moderator Session Request tab on the left side.


Why choose SWVS Official Hotels?

  • Our hotels are screened and chosen for convenience in a wide range of prices and amenities.
  • Our hotels are close to the convention center, or connected by shuttle bus routes.
  • Reservations can be made easily by using the SWVS Housing Center online.
  • Using SWVS Official Hotels keeps your registration costs to a minimum.
  • Staying at SWVS hotels offers great networking opportunities to meet colleagues and make new friends.
  • All housing requests must be received on or before the deadline; otherwise the negotiated room rates may not be available.

How do I book hotels or travel, and are discounts available?
SWVS has negotiated and selected popular hotels with a range of prices and a variety of amenities that are convenient to the convention center or are in walking distance. Reservations need to be made through the SWVS Housing Center.


What are the Exhibit Hall hours?

Friday, September 21
9:30 am – 7:00 pm

Saturday, September 22
9:30 am – 5:00 pm

Sunday, September 23
9:30 am – 1:30 pm


What Exhibitors are Attending the Symposium?
Click here to find out


Do you give away prizes at SWVS?
Join us in the Exhibit Hall for the Scavenger Hunt and win up to $1000! With the Scavenger Hunt, you can win awesome prizes by visiting exhibitor booths and answering questions. Simply find a participating booth, scan the Scavenger poster with your smart phone, and answer the questions. Each correct answer earns you points.

We also give away free registrations and shopping sprees. When you register before August 31st, you are automatically entered to win one of many valuable prizes. Shop at SWVS and you will earn extra entries for every $200 you spend in the Exhibit Hall. Just show your receipts to the SWVS Central Booth and make sure to be present for the prize drawings.

Technician/Hospital Personnel Prizes Include:

  • Two $500 Shopping Sprees
  • Grand Prize Drawing-$500 Shopping Spree and FREE Registration to SWVS 2019

DVM Prizes Include:

  • $1,500 Shopping Spree
  • $2,000 Shopping Spree
  • Grand Prize Drawing-$3,000 Shopping Spree and FREE Registration to SWVS 2019

Do I need to bring business cards?
Your name badge will have your encoded contact information, which most exhibitors can scan so you don't have to carry a large amount of business cards. Do bring some, however, to share with new friends and colleagues!


What activities are available for Symposium attendees?
In addition to the many CE courses offered, the SWVS experience includes a variety of networking and social opportunities. See more details on our Social & Networking Event page.


How do I find out if my state VMA will be holding any activities while at SWVS?
All activities that SWVS is aware of can be found here. You can also contact your state VMA.


Should I bring my family to San Antonio?
Absolutely! San Antonio offers an array of activities for family members of all ages! For more information on San Antonio check out their Visit San Antonio website.


Is childcare provided at the Symposium?
Childcare is not provided. Children age 17 and under do not require a name badge but must be accompanied by a registered attendee. A ticket is required for anyone over the age of 2 years at all ticketed social events. Children are not permitted in any CE sessions, Interactive Labs, Design Conference, CE Tours, Master Classes or Meet the Expert Lunches.


Do you have a Mother’s/Lactation room?
Yes, it’s located on Meeting Room Level 2 of the Henry B. González Convention Center.


Is there a place to get a drink or quick snack between SWVS sessions at the convention center?
Yes! If you are looking for a cup of coffee, soft drink or a quick snack/meal, there are three onsite dining cafés, food prepared by the highly acclaimed The RK Culinary Group.
Click here for dining locations.  There will also be a snacks sold outside of the Ballrooms this year.


How can I find entertainment options in San Antonio?
The "Convention Concierge" Kiosk, provided by the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau, is located on-site near the SWVS Registration Center in Hall 4 West Registration. Pick up brochures and information on tours, tickets, shopping, restaurants, culture, museums, sports, and many other adventures provided in San Antonio and the area.


What is the weather like in San Antonio in September?
The month of September is characterized by falling daily high temperatures, with daily highs decreasing from 92°F to 84°F over the course of the month, exceeding 99°F or dropping below 74°F only one day in ten years.

Where can I find the 2017 SWVS Proceedings?
All registered 2017 attendees have access to the 2017 conference notes online. To access the proceedings, click here and enter the username/password found in the 2017 Attendee Service Center
Does SWVS offer titer determination and rabies vaccinations?
SWVS offers you the opportunity to have blood drawn for a titer determination. Blood will be drawn on Saturday, packaged, and shipped to a laboratory for titer determination. Results will be sent to the SWVS staff, who will  forward your titer to you. Estimated turnaround time is six to eight weeks. Cost of the titer will be $75. If it has been a relatively long time (5 or more years) since you had a rabies booster vaccination or a titer determination, you may elect to have a booster vaccination instead of having a titer run. Cost of the vaccination will be $300. Sign up for either a titer or rabies booster as you register.
How do I add or change my mailing address?
Please email info@swvs.org with your name and mailing address.



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